Shamanic Healing


A power animal is a spirit guide and helping spirit. The purpose of a power animal retrieval is to restore the spiritual power within a person. Each power animal has a unique quality and set of characteristics that will return with the spiritual power and enhance the life of the person who is to receive their New power animal.
The session will include a guided drumming meditation followed by a counselling, coaching and integration
session of their experience and how to care for and honour the return of their spiritual power.


When we feel ill, down, negative and generally unwell, from a shamanic perspective the person is experiencing a dis – ease from comfort and health. The Medical Doctor works from the medical model dealing with the physical, the human body, this greatly compliments shamanic work, for the shaman, is considered a Doctor of the Soul, working on the soul level, where from a shamanic perspective the dis – ease or intrusion enters, the energetic body. The shamanic healer will enter into what is known as a natural non-ordinary state of consciousness and detect where in the spirit body of the ill person the misplaced spirit is. The intrusion is creating a disharmony of spirit, this is what an intrusion is, it’s just a misplaced spirit that causes an upset in the energetic body that results in dis – ease, illness, negativity and sickness. The Shamanic Healer will perform a specialized shamanic healing, extracting / removing the misplaced energy & neutralizing it while creating harmony in the world of spirits and harmony and peace in the soul of the person, restoring the souls sense of balance, wellness and health.


Soul Retrieval is for you if you have felt or are feeling that there is something missing within you, that you are not feeling ‘whole’ and you are just not clear what it is, maybe you can’t put your finger on it. This feeling can result in sometimes physical and/or psychological illness. Soul retrieval is a neccessary step towards our ‘feeling whole’ again.


Often soul loss can happen when there has been a tragedy of some kind. It can be the loss of a parent or partner, a situation where there is dramatic change. or abuse of some kind. The soul part may not have like the experience and decided to go to a safe place in the spirit world, with the hope of returning one day when it is safe to do so. Sometimes these experiences happen when we are very young so we do not remember the experience, but the soul remembers. Your experience will be to relax and listen to shamanic drumming while I do the journeying for you.

The Shaman is specially trained in soul retrieval and with their skill set they journey into ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness with their spirit guides, power animals and helpers to retrieve lost soul parts. The Shaman then brings the soul part back with them and ‘blows’ it into the person they are journeying for. The Shaman usually blows the soul part back into your crown, third eye and/or heart. The next stage we will discuss the experience and help integrate it with shamanic counselling. Once your soul parts have returned home we will finish the session with a special shamanic ritual for sealing in the wholeness.
Please get in contact about a soul retrieval appointment.

SHAMANIC COUNSELLING: Specialised personal healing journeys

During this shamanic counselling session focusing on the art of shamanic journeying, the client will go directly to the spirits for an experience of direct revelation for help & healing with understanding the solution to their problem. The shamanic counsellor will work with the client to help them set a specifically clear intention for journeying to the spirit world. The client will then be guided by the shamanic counsellor and shamanic druming as they journey. During the first counselling session the client will be taught to shamanic journey, this is an easy step and will bring empowerment, healing and inspiration. Each session will be different and the intention is set and tailored to the clients desired outcome, from decision making, problem solving, relationship improvement, overcoming depression issues, grief, relaxation, guidance. etc shamanic counselling is open for the clients particular required healing.

Everyone can benefit from shamanic healing!

After the shamanic counselling session the client will discuss with the counsellor what their insights, learnings & lessons were and will be guided towards further integration.


Energy Healing

Energy healing is the movement of energy from a stagnant and blocked level within the mind, body, emotions and spirit, collectively known as the energy field or aura, to a free flowing and lighter more suitable vibrational level of balance. where we feel calmer, better, joyful, happier, free, euphoric, blissful, at peace with ourselves and our lives.
Traditional hands on healing like the various forms of reiki, seichem reiki, spiritual healing, integrated energy healing, and vibrational healing all facilitate the movement of energy within the energy field freeing the frequency of vibration through the meridians, chakras, nadis and subtler energy bodies which raises our vibration.
Energy healing through an shamanic and/or mind healing can help empower the energy field towards greater levels of healing, balance and transcendental experiences of our highest nature, channelling the energy needed for intuitively freeing the energy field from blockages and restoring us to a higher balanced energetic integrity.
Energy healing can naturally take effect through a soul and mind level




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