SHAMANICS NI Shamanism in Belfast

Living in the city can be draining for our energy systems, this is why it is important to find a way of clearing and cleansing our energy through plugging back into our power.

Belfast Urban Shamanism is a practice of reconnecting with our original, tribal creative powers, through our power animals, plants, trees, ancestors, and learning the structure of shamanic cosmology. This is done with tribal drumming, rattling, shamanic journeying, dancing, singing, etc!

Shamanism offers tools and techniques for discovering our natural gifts, talents, abilities and potential and learning to develop them as we discover a deeper and wider meaning while experiencing a more holistic expression of ourselves. Great visionary art, poetry, stories, meditations, inspirational talks, healing, evolution, purposeful living, a richer inner experience can be lived through learning the ways of the shaman while spiritually living in the city, empowered & creatively exploring our true destiny.

For upcoming workshops or private workshops, for you and your collegues or friends on shamanism or private shamanic counselling email or call 078519 07007

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